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Hansuke Kimura
15 July 2017 @ 04:51 pm

I found an awesome youtaite / utaite?
I'm not so sure though but his voice is really
soothing and I love his covers!
GreeeeN, Radwimps, Back Number
he also covered Eine Kleine of Kenshi Yonezu!

He's Konamilk by the way!!
Hansuke Kimura
25 March 2017 @ 03:29 pm
I guess, I still have to write about it.
Ever since I started being aware of the internet; I have made a lot
of good friends. I have met some.. got to know the personal lives
of others and have shared mutual interests. I love all my online friends!
I am happy chatting with them every single day. Saying goodmorning and goodnight.
But what makes me so... so sad is when they open up and cry while telling
me something so painful.
I never thought it could happen in real life. I was so shocked.
I have lived a sheltered life with a loving family and with loving friends.
Sure I had my fair share of bullying but it was not that hard that I'd be so
depressed and kill myself. AHAHA! I won't say anything about myself. Let me
be the 707 who plasters a smile on his face and make everyone happy. I
am a cinnamon roll~ hijacking your heart! LOL
I have, however, lost my trust with humans once I learned that they have betrayed
my trust and friendship with them. Once you become an adult, you'll see and probably
experience the dirt and pollution of the human society. The real world is a harsh
reality of deception and agony. (drama... but true)
I know I haven't written a blog in SO LONG! And I have not written a sad entry
ever since I entered college (I think). But I want people/ my friends and followers to be
aware of the things they might be doing and might have experienced in real life
and through the internet.
Bullying is a ******* thing to do. It hurts people.. it hurts them so much that the
pain becomes unbearable and they sink into despair. Why can't we all respect one
another? Why can't we just stop judging? Why do we say hateful words and create animosity
amongst us?
Though haters and bashers will definitely remain.. still... cannot be helped.
Word of advise. Look for your real friends. The ones who will always be there for you;
who will support you even in your worst times. Cry when you must. Don't fall into depression.
Know the SOS signal. Wait and be there for your friends. You only got one another, don't
take it for granted until it's too late.
PS. Mystic Messenger characters have deeeep deeeeeeep traits. The game was really well made.
707!!!! I still like Jumin Han though~ but 707 injected a virus in my heart called love.
Hansuke over and out.
Hansuke Kimura
06 August 2016 @ 08:52 pm

I got noticed by sempai!!!

Hansuke Kimura
09 July 2016 @ 05:37 pm
I see them coming!

(he has 2 versions and a Mamepoco stickers too)

(Did you know that Mafuteru now has a theme which you can dowload in LINE? It's really pretty)
(He also made a fried prawn stickers.. wwww... why mafumafu why?? he even attacked Soraru once with these stickers :P)

here's Mafuteru's theme in LINE

(Masamune-kun kawaii desu yo~~!!!)

(this is one of my favoites though and I love using this)
More LINE stickers hereCollapse )
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Hansuke Kimura
08 June 2016 @ 08:22 pm

So i did my best!
Irught now, i am fancying this picture Amatsuki
uploaded and i got tired with my work
So i tried to draw him. Hahaha.
I think I failed though but i had fun drawimg this!

More power Amatsuki bey!

Hansuke Kimura
30 April 2016 @ 01:56 pm
Having all these delusions day and night. I have to
get rid of them right now. SO LET US START THE BEGINNING!!!

Inoo Kei
As you all know, he is definitely my ichiban!! Inoo Kei of Hey Say Jump and he's the reason I came to this sick world
of fangirling. JE ruined my life and showed me the delusions of fangirls and ikemen guys~ I was actually happu that there are less fangirls who like him compared to other members like Yamada, Chinen, Hikaru... I don't like competition but then again I am happy that he's gaining a lot of attention recently! Omedetou Inoo-kun!!
And since I love watching anime, I chanced upon an artist singing the theme song for Kimi to Boku. I'm pretty sure it was that. I became a fan of Tkun.. listened to his songs and I learned about vocaloid and there I met AMATSUKI~ my niban!! I love his cover of CALC and a lot of his songs :D I even downloaded the remake of Minami-kun no Koibito: My Little Lover because he sang the op song and he showed up at the last episode <3 <3 I love utaites!! Ever since I started listening to utaites and their covers, I realized that I have a voice fettish.
Yamazaki Kento
KENTOO!!!!!! What I learned in being a fangirl is that it will eat your time, your MONEY, your life and your soul. It's a dead end!
Kento is so cute and handsome though seriously!!! I did not recognize him in "Another" Live Action. He is a good actor! I am anticipating his live action (Your Lie in April) The anime is great so I am expecting much from him on this :D :D GO GO KENTO~
Lee Jong Suk
Lately I have been watching a lot of korean films. Back then my major crush was Jang Geun Suk in You're beautiful! heavenly voice, Ikemen guy and the look in his eyes! But sadly I was tormented with his Nature Boy single O___O And my one sided love ended in agony. hahahahaha!! Oh well, Lee Jong Suk!!! I like him in Pinocchio He is a good actor and he can cry well :D better watch that drama~ I give it 10 stars :D

What have I done with my life? Teehee~~

kdrama: Descendants of the Sun, Kill Me Heal Me, Oh My Venus, Jade Lover, I hear Your Voice, High School Love On, Innocent Man

jdrama: Goodmorning Call, Yutori Desu ga Nani Ka, Minami-kun no Koibito my Little Lover, Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri, Your Lie in April, Orange
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Hansuke Kimura
12 January 2016 @ 07:23 am
Lately, I have been reading a lot of rumours about utaites
being hated and targeted of these negativity.

The fact that there is something like this is really
saddening. These people didn't even do anything to receive
all these hate. They all just took a step forward in order
to achieve their dreams. They just want to sing, play with music, draw
and to have fun!

I am happy for them though and I really support them
and their activities (though I am so far away and can't even go
to their live concerts and I don't even have time to watch their
live chats/ namahousous) I love listening to their music! I love every single
time they would upload a song for everyone to listen.

Before NND, what lives have these utaites had? Based on
their interviews and namahousous.. before, some were nobodies;
some would be bullied and some would never had thought of being able to go
this far. Amatsuki for one was once bullied. But I love Amatsuki!
I was very happy watching his Hello World DVD Tour. I even almost cried
at his speech at the end (he looks so cute being all teary-eyed)
 Shamuon... I really like him when he is singing, though he has a low
self-esteem but if he's happy with his new life now, then I will support his decision.
Rib as well hid the fact that he was singing nd uploading videos in NND from his
family, (he's so cute) he even had a bad sense of style and Soraru helped him shop
for new clothes back then. He was even so happy and giddy when
he had his very first solo live and utaites who were there to watch
really encouraged him! (I wish I were there). Soraru and Mafumafu are doing
their best as well! They're composing songs and for sure they will be making a
lot of albums too :D ShounenT became a singer!! And he was able to sing a Pokemon
theme song! Though back then, people were saying that Tkun is better off singing
without a guitar, but now. HE IS A STAR!!! He still continues to sing and play
with the guitar! I admire Sako Tomohisa and I will forever love his songs!

But NND was a stepping stone for them. They had good friends, they were able
to be themselves, they sing, dance, play with music and basically have fun. I am sure
NND is the place they found for themselves and I'm glad I found this fandom.
I love listening to music and I'm happy these people keep on making good songs!
Cheers for another year!!

-->> This is just a ramble on my part
Tokyo Ghoul is a good anime!
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Hansuke Kimura
09 January 2016 @ 12:10 pm
 photo dasokuxmichan1.gif

 photo michanxdasoku.gif

tanggal stress
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Hansuke Kimura
12 December 2015 @ 05:40 pm
Look who's having fun collecting stuff!!!

I'm having ym Danbo addiction right now and I'm happy!! ~(^o^~)
Danbo is really cute!! I love it! <3 <3

Also I have been finishing this draft! It's hard but it keeps me busy
(though it takes up most of my time)
I wish I could finish this soon >.<
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Hansuke Kimura
01 November 2015 @ 05:42 pm
Declaration of Library Freedom
1. Libraries have the right to gather materials freely.
2. Libraries have the right to make materials freely available.
3. Libraries protect the privacy of their users.
4. Libraries oppose all censorship.
When the freedom of the library is violated, we librarians will unite and fight to the end to protect its freedom.


Since Toshokan Sensou had infiltrated my twitter page; I got curious about this anime.
It was way back then that my friend told me about a live action with Sota Fukushi on it but it didn't
get me hooked up since I am not a fan of the said actor. But the anime had caught my attention so I asked
for the copy of the movie.

The story revolved around Iku Kasahara who joined the Library Force to protect books and to pursue her Prince!

I was totally ENGROSSED with it!. The first I saw was the movie and it was fabulous!
Sota Fukushi was a side character but he was cool nonetheless. The movie was
the romtom type of film that I love and since it talked about books, I really did love it.
The anime was another thing. I kept on watching it till the movie and SP!
I think I watched it for 2 days and then I read the manga twice!!
Seriously!!! TWICE! and then I moved on to the translated light novel
which consists of 4 books.
(Thank you good soul who translated this fabulous novel: http://toshosen-tsl.livejournal.com/)
You can get the pdf ver of the novel here.


This is a must read/watch! Totally! I love it!! and maybe I think I can
read it over and over again :D :D
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